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No Automatic Work Visa Extensions to Foreign Experts Employees

As of today, November 9th, 2023, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has not released additional automatic work visa extension for foreign employees in the foreign expert sector, nor published an official guidelines concerning the extension of those work visas during the war.

The lack of automatic extension nor published guidelines related to foreign experts has given rise to a sense of confusion and uncertainty among foreign experts and their respective employers.

While a significant number of foreign nationals left Israel in October due to the ongoing conflict, their destinations were not necessarily limited to their home countries. For example, some U.S. citizens travelled to Greece and Cyprus. Nonetheless, there are still some foreign experts who have chosen to remain in Israel during these difficult times.


Foreign experts who have already departed Israel and their visa expired before return travel: Current regulations stipulate that their visa extensions must be processed at Israeli consulates before the expiry of their current visas. However, it's worth noting that several Israeli consulates worldwide are not operating on a regular basis, and some are even completely closed. 


How to extend the B-1 Work Visa?


Work Visa Consular Processing: In the absence of a clear and general government guidelines for visa extensions during the ongoing conflict, Kan-Tor & Acco specialists recommend to address each client's case on an individual basis. 

This approach should involves professional understanding of the various options combined with careful evaluation of various factors, including the employee's nationality, physical location, visa expiration date, dependents, and other relevant considerations. 

In some cases, at the company request, there is an option to submit a special request for waiver from the consular processing. If successful applied, the employee will be able to return to Israel skipping the consular processing abroad - and the process will be completed upon return Israel. This will save time and efforts from the employee, however the employee will NOT be able to work in Israel upon return until the visa process will be completed (processing time of1-2 work days).  


Future Work Permit Extensions: KTA recommends that employers of foreign experts begin the application process for visa extensions three months prior to their visa expiration date to allow for flexible processing of the work visa.


What's next?


KTA is in active dialogue with senior officials from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish guidelines concerning foreign employees' visa extensions, whether they are in Israel or have travelled abroad. These guidelines aim to streamline the process for issuing new visas and extensions while also alleviating cumbersome bureaucratic procedures at the consulates.


Important: It may be the case that in the next coming hours or days, the Ministry of Interior will introduce guidelines regarding the extensions (as has already been done in relation to foreign employees in the healthcare, agriculture, and hospitality sectors). In such a case, KTA will update immediately in the KTA Immigration War Post.


Travel Information

Since the beginning of the war on October 7th, approximately 300,000 travellers have entered Israel as of today. Ben Gurion airport flights cut by 80%. An average of 100 flights are landing daily at Ben Gurion airport during the war compared with the usual 500 flights.

Most of the air traffic in and out of Israel is dominated by the three Israeli carriers: El Al, Arkia, and Israir, all of which are insured by the government-owned Insurance agency with state guarantees. 

Some foreign airlines continue to operate flights to and from Israel, including Etihad (Abu Dhabi), flyDubai (Dubai), BlueBird (Larnaca and Athens), Uzbekistan Airways (Tashkent), Hainan Airlines (Shenzen), FlyOne (Kishinev), as well as Azimuth and Red Wings for routes to Russia.


An Estimated 50 other carriers have cancelled all their scheduled flights to and from Israel.


🏢 KTA offices remains open with regular working hours from Sunday to Thursday 09:30 to 17:00. Should the situation escalate, the government might issue further instructions. In such an event, we will promptly notify the clients through our client alerts.

☎️KTA Help Desk is available for assistance via email at Our Help Desk is designed to address any immigration inquiries and concerns and provide support to everyone, regardless of whether they are KTA clients.

On behalf of KTA Team, we would like to thank all hundreds of our clients and staff who have taken a moment to express their concern and reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. Their gestures have meant more than words can convey. 

The tragic events impacting innocent civilians in Israel, from the very young to the elderly, have deeply shaken our community. It is during such challenging times that those kind messages have brought solace and warmth. Once again, from the depths of our team's heart, thank you for the unwavering support.

Best Regards,


Amit Acco, Senior Partner - Israeli Law

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